10 Signs of Heat Stroke in Children

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As summer time and warmer weather approaches it’s time to get educated on all things related to kids and heat. In proportion to adults, kids have more body fluids and they also can dehydrate faster than adult. This means that you need to be aware of the signs indicating that there is a problem. Keeping your kids hydrated is essential but you might not always be present to make sure they have proper fluid intake. Knowing what to look for in the event that your child suffers heat stroke is crucial. Some signs of heat stroke are listed below.

  1. Red flushed skin – If your child has been out in the heat for a while and has red, flushed skin, take notice because this could be a symptom of heat stroke. This is especially a concern if your child is not sweating and the skin is cold and clammy to the touch.
  2. High levels of anxiety – A classic symptom of heat stroke in children is an elevated level of anxiety. If your child is exhibiting this behavior, along with other symptoms, there is a problem. If your infant seems distressed and is crying constantly with no tears this could also be an indication of heat stroke.
  3. Nausea – If your child complains of a tummy ache be aware that many children experience nausea when heat stroke sets in. Infants will spit up frequently or vomit right after feeding if they are affected.
  4. Rise in body temperature – Along with the other symptoms your child will have a rapid rise in body temperature. One of the hallmarks of heat stroke in kids is a temperature of 103 or higher. Sometimes the temperature will go as high as 106.
  5. Disorientation – Heat stroke may cause the child to experience hallucinations. They believe that they are actually seeing the things that are appearing to them and they react. This is a common symptom of heat stroke. Infants may prove unresponsive or sluggish.
  6. Difficulty in breathing – Breathing may become difficult for a child who is in the throes of a heat stroke. Not to be confused with an asthma attack, but if this symptom occurs along with other symptoms you must act quickly.
  7. Rapid pulse – Another sign that your child is experiencing heat stroke and is in serious trouble is a rapid pulse.
  8. Severe headache – A severe headache could also indicate a problem with heat stroke. Sometimes headaches caused by heat stroke will be severe enough to cause the child to become unconscious.
  9. Loss of appetite – In addition to the other symptoms, children who are experiencing heat stroke have no appetite. Look for this combined with other symptoms such as the headache and nausea.
  10. Seizures – Without immediate medical help, the child could go into seizures. These could lead to coma and/or brain death, which demonstrate just how serious suffering from a case of heat stroke can be.

Heat strokes are a serious condition that can cause permanent damage or death. Should your child experience heat stroke, you can stabilize them by getting them to a cool area, giving them cold water and cooling them down with wet towels or spraying them with cool water. Even though the child may become stable for a short time, you still need to seek medical attention immediately so that proper treatment can be administered.


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