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Is a Summer Nanny Right for You?

Summertime, and the living is easy, as they say. But when the demands of work and day-to-day life are added to the round-the-clock demands of having the kids home for summer, the result can be a hectic season, indeed!

Many families strike the perfect balance during the school year, concocting an ideal weekly schedule of activities that allows the children to be home when the parents are home, and occupied when they’re not.

Then that final school bell rings, and families who have not planned ahead can find themselves scrambling…but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are plenty of positive ways to allow your children to enjoy their hard-earned summer vacation, all while meeting your own responsibilities…which most likely don’t come with a seasonal respite.

In cases like these, a summer nanny can be a great solution.

Your summer options

There are many ways to approach childcare during the summer months, and different solutions work for different families.

A fixture in many a’ summer reminiscence, summer camp is just fine for some children – but this goes on a case-by-case basis. The more social the child, the more prepared they’ll be for all-day recreation at camp. But as we all know, some children dread the very idea.

In cases like these, some families find that hiring a summer nanny can be a great way to enrich their children’s summer experience, ensure that parents can meet their demands at work, and maintain a relative level of normality throughout the out-of-school months.

What to expect from a summer nanny

Like all nannies, summer nannies have different backgrounds and levels of experience. One common scenario is the college student looking for summer work experience, with a secondary aim of traveling to a new place. (In other words, to wherever their employer family lives.)

In this case, it is important to be clear about your expectations, and also to be considerate of your summer nanny’s time off the clock. Much like you expect some time away from the office (and even away from home!), your nanny deserves some time to unwind when not busy with their duties. If they’re new to the area, show them around. Give them ideas of places to explore. The happier the nanny, the happier the family.

Other summer nannies have regular jobs during the school, year, but have the summer off and are looking to supplement their regular position. Many are teachers. Some are healthcare workers. Most have interesting experiences to share and creative ideas that can open new worlds to your child during their months off from school.

It’s something to think about

A summer nanny can be a great addition to the household, providing that you do the appropriate amount of research and take the time to find the right match for your child and family.

In short, they’re a great option for families that need full-time summer childcare and prefer an in-home option.

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