Scam Alert, Feb. 13 & 14. Kelly Minto or Moore Family

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From: Kelly Minto
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 08:55:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Nanny Job Offerr……

Greetings!My name is Kelly Minto and my wife name is Cathrine Minto both of us are living here in Marston with our Child, but we are from England by origin and we have a Female kid and the age of the kid are 4years 2 Months, we are relocating to USA based on my wine sales in USA, because am a wine supplier and we are having more demand in USA, so we decided to relocate to USA finally by 30th of february 2008
I had a discussion with my friend in United States concerning a proper care for our child and he promised
to help me search for a nanny email address on Nanny/Sitter’s wed site, so that’s how I got your contact.
The House address we are moving to is below:
30 fowler ave,
We’er in need of two person to work for us in a week, you can choose anyone out of the two offer you like below:
1) Monday to Friday, from 8am in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon. —————- PRICE $550.00
2) Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 4pm. ——————-PRICE $350.00USD
We are ready to furnish a room for your if you like living with us.
Don’t worry if you are far from our house location, because we’er ready to calculate your transportation fees and will be paying you alongside your weekly salary, please calculate the total transportation from your end to our resident address and furnish me with the price in a week so we can calculate it with your choice in our 2 offers, so your transportation in a week with your salary will be payed to you together at the
end of every week. We are ready to give you a car if you choose the first offer only and paying for your fuel weekly (That’s if you have a driver’s license).
This offer is for someone of well mannered attitudes, neatness and good sense of relationship, so if you are interested in this offer, please answer all my questions below:
Hi i would like to come and work Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I work it all for 700.00 usd
1) What are your academics qualifications? I was working in a daycare be for
2) Do you have certificate to back up you babysitting/Nanny Career? I have ECE
3) How old are you? 27
4) Are you married? I was married and have a three year old girl
5) Do you have any special attitude?
6) Do you have any crime records? No Crime Records
7) Do you have a valid driver’s license? Yes
8) Tell us more about your temperament.
9) What is your origination country? Canada And let me know since when have you been in USA? Last weekend I live right by the New York
10)Provide a reference
If you are not yet 18 years old and you know you’re capable for any of the offer, you will need one of your parent as a referee to tell me about your ability of doing this job or if you’re not available and you have a friend or someone that is available and capable, you can direct the person to me by sending me an email.
Let me know if you available for the work offer, and if you have any questions about this offer please contact me through my email address, I will reply upon receipt of your email.
You can also contact me via my phone number +447031862533
Thank you.
From: “Moore Family” <>
thanks for your reply , the Job is already yours, and now me and my family will start to plan out our trip to come down to USA asap, right now we are still in UK with the kids on vacation, and we are coming down to USA, to our new home, so we need you to work 3-4 times a week,weekly pay of $1000. we are ready to pay you well, and make you happy with our kids, so i need to know a bit about you, were you live and stay at the moment, and my husband is planning on paying you for the Job upfront, so that you can start the work ASAP when we get down to Usa, we are ready to take care of all your needs to work with us, so please get back to me, because you are the only one that have emailed me about interested in the nanny job offer, so please dont disappoint me . so i will look forward to your email. so please get back to us, so we can know what to do next, thank you very much here is my phone number: +447024074697, but i dont think i will have time for personal interview, the job is already yours.
Rita Moore
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