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All posts in this section of the blog are scams that have been reported to us from across the Internet.

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We have taken exhaustive measures that no others have to protect our members from fraudulent transactions and scam attempts. The following is another scam attempt to better inform our community. If you receive emails of this nature or similar, please do not respond. Report the issue to .

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——- The Scam email begins here ———-

 From: “cole, james”
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 1:39:19 EDT

I live in United Kingdom. I have 2 kids (a boy and a girl) their ages are 2years and 4years old respectively.I am due to be in the Washington, DC in a few days from now and for the next one(1)years as a result of my assignment with the United Nation.As such, my family is expected to come along with me.In the light of this, Me and my Wife have deemed it important to have our kids well looked after as soon as we get into the State, hence the search for a nanny or babysitter to take care of our little angels.We would expect your service to commence by the 10th of October2006, as such your expected arrival date would be last week in October in order for you to be around and available to assist in the setting up of the house on that day, being that our belongings and furnitures which are in charge of the shipper are bound to arrive soon.Stated below is what we would be offering for your services and the duration.Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, 9am-5pm (price $600)Thursdays and Friday, 9am-5pm (price $500).However, i will like to inform you that your sincere support towards the receipt of our belongings and furnitures that are to arrive soon in the state will be highly appreciated as you have a role to play on these. Myself and my husband have concluded to pay an all front 2 weeks payment to you over this job, so that you may be contended with us. For your transportation, we would work out something worthwhile and make provision for transport allowance, which will be paid together with your wages, regardless of your distance.You are to evaluate your total cost of transportation from your destination to our new resident and provide me with the cost,that it could be brought together with your chosen remuneration from what we are offering. Please note that our preference is in an individual (nanny/babysitter) with extremely good conduct, well mannered, considerably accommodating and hygienic. If you are ready to accept this offer,it will be mostly appreciated if you can respond to the questions below,
1) How old are you?
2) What is your marital status?
3) What is your religious background?
4) What qualifications do you posses?
5) Have you certificates portraying your babysitting career?
6) Do you have a valid means of identification?
7) Do you have any criminal records?
8) Do you have extra-ordinary habits
9) How temperamental are you?
10) Do you have a guarantor?
11)Where are you located
Urgent reply will be duely appreciated.And if? you have any question to ask me i will be happy if you can state it in your response to this? offer.We look forward to having you as one of the family member. Thank you and God bless Mrs.betty cole N:B Pls reply should be send to for quick action.

 ——- The Scam email ends here ———-

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