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As are all posts in this section of the blog, this is another scam attempt example to better inform our community. If you receive emails of this nature or similar, please do not respond. Report the issue to scam@nannyclassifieds.com .

From: george roland georgeroland56@yahoo.com
We are Micheal and Michelle Crusenberry from
Dallas, TX. Family Number 58337
We have three energetic but delightful children aged A
new born of 6 months, 14 Months and 2 years; their
names are Jasmine, Jerome and Peter.
Jasmine is 6 months and Jerome is 14 Months Old; Peter
our Cousin who is 2 years will be keeping you
entertained at home during the day! we do not require
much babysitting in the evening which means that you
are free to enjoy these as you wish. On your days off
you can enjoy the Nigerian Sun on one of the many
beautiful beaches just a short drive away. We also
have a summer house by the lake which we would like
you to spend some time with us in. Micheal is a
Production Engineer with Shell BP, Nigeria and works
pretty hard, but enjoys going for walks in the
glorious Obudu hills. I am a teacher at the local high
school here in Nigeria too where I teach biology to a
range of children. I had to accompany my Husband when
he was posted from the US to Nigeria. In my spare time
I enjoy painting. We would like an au pair who will
fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy their time with
us. You have a tastefully furnshed live-in
If you agree to take the position you shall be paid
$7500 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars Monthly)
and shall be given a weekly pocket money of $1100.
Your residence shall be comfortably furnished within
the Company housing estate. We are comfortable here as
Shell pays us well however we cannot work effectively
and take care of our kids hence our solicitation to
you to come and Nanny for us.
My Wife, Michelle would be home each time I go
offshore. I stay for about a month or two and return
home to spend  time with my family. You shall
undertake the following duties if you accept to work
with us:
Care for & stimulate the child both mentally &
physically, to ensure their intellectual, physical &
social development.
Find out about activities in the local area. Ensure
that the child/children get regular fresh air &
Plan & undertake activities on a one to one basis &
with children. Develop speech, reading, numbers,
letters, colours, social & practical skills.
Organise & prepare a healthy, varied & well balanced
diet of home cooked food. Eat with the child/children
& supervise meal times, encouraging proper use of
cutlery, & behaviour.
Look after child’s/children’s physical well being –
wash & bath them daily, help them to dress & undress,
cut nails weekly, ensure hair is cut regularly, & that
shoes get refitted regularly.
Look after all the child’s/children’s clothes. This
includes all washing ; ironing by the weekend, shoes
regularly cleaned, clothes & soft toys mended; Put
aside clothes that no longer fit.
Keep child’s/children’s room clean & tidy.
We had a Nanny but she is getting married hence would
be moving with her Husband. Should you accept to take
up the position with us, you can start as soon as your
Flight Ticket, Travel Documents and other Travel
Intineries are ready. We could recommend a Travel
Agency for you, however all this depends on if you
accept to Nanny for us. It is I who is mostly out of
the country. My wife is usually home each day. Yes we
do have a maid who would assist you in seeing to the
dietry needs of our kids.
Send us your referees so that we can get in touch with
them. Should the outcome be positive, we would then
invite you to come and Nanny for us.
I do hope you consider a position with us and you
would not regret it.
Have a swell weekend as you work towards building your
career with us.
The Crusenberry Family

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