Scam Alert “NANNY NEEDED!!” emails

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This scam came over the wire today.
The names and addresses this has come from a times are as follows:

Nannies4Hire: Message From Family #9703 
“mark nicolas “
“ola richard”  from
“collins smith” from

Subject: NANNY NEEDED !!

I’m Mark Jones,we need an aupair or nanny for 10 year old boy. all job description include ,Light housekeeping required (kid rooms, play areas), additional housekeeping a plus but not required (additional pay- we do have a housekeepers 1x week). Play with kid, teach him skills and to dress, clean, take care of selves. Occasional driving. Prepare is meals. Sometimes put him to bed. Fold kid laundry ( I wash it). Be creative and do fun activities with kid. Knowledge of Montessori philosophy a plus but not necessary!! WE are with Cultural Care au pair…you must have a valid visa or be willing to go through agency.We have had au pairs for over three years. We are now looking for a new au pair or nanny to help care for our 1 child:Joe (male age 10). We be happy to have you as Joe nanny,Mom is a lawyer (on maternity leave) and dad is a stockbroker. We are both in our late 40’s.Joe attends school half-days and is very eager to learn and do things for himself. He is also very energentic and loves all sports. Mom is on maternity leave from work, but still does some work from home and will likely be back part time very soon. Kid spend a lot of time at the beach or the pool ,  Driving will be necessary when mom goes back to work. We wake up early and go to bed rather early, too so we do not want someone who will be going out late at night after work. Keeping kid areas and rooms neat and clean is mandatory, any other cleaning is a plus and will be compensated. Ability to travel with us to the shore or on vacation is necessary, too. travel will likely always be within the U.S. usually consists of the New Jersey shore in the summer and and a couple of weeks in florida in the winter. We would like someone who is friendly  and  heart and will interact with kid, not just supervise him…but at the same time be adult and responsible. Prefer live in with flexibility with hours since mom can be called to court at last minute. Generally will have off on Friday night, Sunday and Monday. Mom and Dad usually go out on Saturday nights and some Thursday nights. Our au pairs have always been treated like family. We like to go to the gym, golf, watch sports, go to beach. If you are hired as an au pair, we will provide everything in accordance with rules set by the government ( our last three au pairs were through agencies) including pay, time off, education etc. We would prefer going through an agency again if you need a visa. If you are being hired as a nanny(not needing the J-1 visa) most terms are negotiable. We are a fun family who enjoy life and want our children to learn as much as possible. We are acceptable to live-out situations or a combination, as well. I tried to download pics but was unsucessful..i can email them. At the end of the day we are looking for a person who is honest and reliable. While we are not objecting to having an employee..we find that those who are like family make for a much better situation, particularly if it is a live in situation. Our current au pair’s visa expires july 11th , 2006.Required hours of work by Au Pair or nanny 40 to 45 hours/week.You salary will be paid monthly and you will be paid $2500.00 a month and also you will be given $150.00 pocket money a week.I will be travelling to Canada july 24th but i will be checking my emails regularly.My company will be in charge of paying your salary and travel fees.Joe is currently in Spain to study the historical development of Art and my company will be sending you a check of $6,500.00 and as soon as you receive the check,cash it and you are to deduct your own salary fee for 1 month and you will be sending the remaining $4,000.00 to my son travel agency via Western Union so that he can get is return ticket to USA.So i will like you to provide me below info.
Your Full Name to make Check Payable to———-
Address to send check to Via UPS next day Air—–
Cell Number/Home Number———–
I will like you to email me back to my private email address below ..         
Here is my address below ,
110 laurel walk dr ,
20708 MD
Pls get back to me with above listed info if you are interested in the job and the starting date is june 30,this is a permanent job.Thanks
Best regard,
Mark Jones

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