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Here is another example of a scam attempt.
This person is using the same techniques they all do.  Offering upfront money and a job without even finding out how much the nanny wishes to earn or without any kind of interview.  You will also notice that they don’t talk like normal parents do. Parents don’t usually call their child “kid” i.e., “I need care for the kid.” Be aware of their tactics.  Do not send them any personal information and report all scam attempts to

Subject: Re: nanny needed asap

I am ok with the night care so lets proceed…. Little about my daugther,she is a very intelligent girl that love`s to play and love to share are word with her parents and any body close to her,and also she love to read poems and she love to go out door once in a week maybe to the park to have some fun okay that is all about her for now. So my method of payment will be by cashiers check or by money orders okay even at the moment  am not in the state now am in europe with her on holiday visit to her uncle let me know if i can make an upfront payment for your services so i can make the payment,since i will be leaving for Australia from europe and she will be in the usa by month end too ….. Let me know the name and address of where u want the money send okay…i will instruct my branch office in the state to release britney monthly allowances to you for payment,.and the payment you will receive will be in excess so you will have to deduct your funds for the services and
keep the rest with you for britneys upkeep and miscellanous expenses on her while she is with you…….Let me know if i can trust you to keep her allowances well till the time she will need it cos so many people can not be trusted with money issue.Get back to me soon with your full payment details as in name and address with phone numbers with the cost for the nights.Thanks.— On Wed 06/21, <

Hello,I am TERRY MCDONALD C.E.O. of Drivtee Miningcompany AUSTRALIA, I saw your profile and I am
very interested in you being my Daughter (britney)’s Nanny/Au Pair. I will like to hire your service to take care of Daughter (britney) from july1st 2006….I will be needing your care services for my child due to the fact am going on business trip to my company in Australia by july3rd and will be back by 15th of july so for this few days i wont be available at home i want my kid to be with you and i want perfect care for her since she is the only child i have and i dont joke with her because her mom is late and am the only one taking care of her and i care alot about her….She is aged 4years old,I am looking for a full time nanny or a pertime nanny you can live in if you wants to in our residence during this period and if not i will make arrangement with someone who will always drop her off on his way to work and by 8:00am to 6:00pm I will pay you whatever just for my > child to have perfect care and pls do make her feel at home…and can afford to pay you for any extra
hour… Our au pair should be an outgoing, energetic person, self propelling, a communicator, independent, responsible, practical, tidy and flexible.In a family with one young kid it can be busy, so you don’t mind a little bit of pressure now.With a good sense of humor you’ll manage.She’s intelligent, She can challenge you with questions, discussion etc, but you think that’s fun. You need to be intelligent yourself(college or university level) to be able to help her learn. We are a welcoming and social family; we love to share our house with other people….If you would like to stay with my child,you will have your own room and bathroom, your own tv and vcr, radio/cd and pc with broadband unlimited internet access and a car for use during your stay with splendid suroundings I will make sure you’ll get a home away from home and will do everything to ensure your au pair > adventure will be the unforgettable experience you want it to be. To me, an au pair is a member of the
Family…..Email me back with all details i need to know(your weekly rate) because this is my first time of needing this services since i do take her with me to all my business trip but this time around i will be visit diff countries and attending diff meetings too so its will definitely be alil diffcult to have her around me.Let me know your location in your next email cos i stay in florida….. Teryy.MDrivtee Mining. Comp LTD

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