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As are all posts in this section of the blog, this is another scam attempt example to better inform our community. If you receive emails of this nature or similar, please do not respond. Report the issue to scam@nannyclassifieds.com .

—— Beginning of Scam attempt ———

— Paul V Jordan paulv_jordan@yahoo.com wrote:
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:15:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul V Jordan paulv_jordan@yahoo.com

Subject: Urgent Nanny Needed.

Compliments of the day to you,my name is Paul Jordan a
charttered accountant at BP GLOBAL OIL/PETROLEUM
COMPANY.I am currently on Holiday and my family in Spain
now which we will definately be back to the country in
few weeks.We have an adopted 3years old daughter name
Lisa which am looking for someone who can assist us in
taking good care of her when I come back from Holiday.
I’m ready to make all whatever you requested for to take
care of this girl so that you can be fully prepared and
ready to start work with us when am back,my former nanny
is going back to her home town as soon as am back so this
is why am urgently needed someone who will be fix for
this Job before our arrival from Holiday.I will required
your service from 8.30am – 2.30pm daily during the week
days an and on occassional we might requested your
service on weekends which will be an overtime with
additional payments and incentives for that. Here is a
bit about my family,me and my darling wife owns a
business where we sell cosmetics and women wears and
accessories,we have a house of our own with 6
bedrooms,with different side attraction in the
compound.Hope you can join us as we are very nice,care
and always looking after our nanny even went to holidays
trip with us if she like.We live in a very simple way ,am
willingly offer you $200 upfront which you are not
refunding it incase we ought to change our mind,this is
just to let you know how serious and ready to take you as
one of our family when you start this work so that you
can be impressed to take good care of our child. Please
get back to me as soon as possible with your
resumes,refference,phone numbers where you can be reach
and address.I will be anxiously waiting to read from
you.Take good care and have a very nice time.
Best Regards,
Paul Jordan.
—————- End the Scam Attempt email ————  


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