10 Things Moms Love to Hear on Mother’s Day

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It is no secret that being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs there are. One day each year, we celebrate the special women in our lives with gifts and cards. However, the most precious gifts can be the words that we say. Here are ten of the things that all moms love to hear from their loved ones on Mother’s Day.

  1. That We Love Them – At the top of any mom’s list of favorite phrases is simply, “I love you.” These three words encapsulate all of the other things that they want and need to hear from the members of a family she works so hard to maintain.
  2. An Acknowledgment of Their Sacrifices – Every mother has a dream that got postponed or discarded altogether when she started her family; however, there are dozens of smaller sacrifices that must be made each day in order to keep things running smoothly. Letting her know that it is noticed when she puts the needs of everyone else above her own is sure to mean the world to her on her special day.
  3. That We Appreciate All They Do – Moms juggle so many different tasks throughout the day that the job seems almost impossible from the outside looking in. From making sure that everyone is fed and has clean clothes to getting everyone to their separate extracurricular activities on time, a mom’s job is never-ending.
  4. That They Are Doing a Great Job – Even the most confident moms need to hear that they’re doing a good job. Doubts can creep in, and there always seems to be an unflappable mom in playgroups that never appears to be ruffled or worried. Letting her know that she is doing a great job can be just the thing she needs to hear.
  5. “I’ll Handle the Housework Today” – The non-mom members of a household very rarely volunteer for chores or household tasks, so “let me do that” might be the best gift she gets all year. Whether it is preparing a meal or doing the dishes afterward, taking a bit off of Mom’s plate on Mother’s Day is a great way to show appreciation.
  6. That the Little Things Haven’t Gone Unnoticed – The thousands of little tasks, like remembering who doesn’t like broccoli and who needs a special night-light to sleep, make up the bulk of a mother’s work. On Mother’s Day, letting her know that those little things are noticed is another way of telling her that she’s loved and appreciated.
  7. “I Remember…” – Hearing that the members of her family, especially the smaller ones, have precious memories of moments spent together lets Mom know that she’s an important and loved part of everyone’s lives. Selecting a special moment and reliving it with her, especially one that she wouldn’t expect to be remembered, will melt her heart.
  8. The Ways They’re Making a Difference – Instead of issuing a blanket statement saying that she’s made a difference in the lives of those around her, try to find specific ways that they’re leaving a lasting impression on her children and spouse.
  9. That We Are Proud of Them – As kids get older, it’s natural for them to be embarrassed by their parents. Knowing that it’s a natural part of growing up, however, doesn’t ease the pain that comes with this development. Remember the time when Mom was your hero? Try to recapture that feeling on Mother’s Day and let her know that you’re proud of her and her accomplishments.
  10. That They Are Still “Cool” – In a sea of dirty laundry and over-scheduled kids, moms can begin to feel that they’re losing their own identity. Let her know that she’s still herself, and still just as “cool” as she was before she became Mom.

While these sentiments are great additions to any Mother’s Day gift, it’s important to remember that being a mom is a year-round job and deserves acknowledgment every day. Don’t save up all of your “thank you’s” and “I love you’s” for a single day of the year; let her know on not-so-special days, too!

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