Nanny Classifieds Guide

We believe it is incredibly important to understand that the nanny industry serves a vital role in the lives of people across the World and most importantly always starts with children in mind. We aim to inform and educate both nannies and families about industry best practices to help them meet and exceed each other’s expectations and to do all that they can in a legal and ethical manner. We developed this quick guide that steps through the entire process and hope that you will find it to be helpful as you seek to find or become a nanny.

Become a Nanny – There is more to becoming a nanny than most people are aware of (certainly to become a professional nanny). These are some points that you should carefully consider before entering the profession.

Creating a Nanny Profile – If you are considering a career as a nanny then it makes a bunch of sense for you to register on a great online nanny website like  Before doing that, these are some tips that we have for you on how to setup a great online nanny profile.

Find a Nanny – Similarly, before you start searching through classified ads looking for a nanny it’s really important for families to truly know what they are looking for. This guide will offer you several tips in order to make sure you get the right candidates for your situation.

Nanny Wanted Ads – In order to find a nanny, you have to find ways to let people know that you are looking for one.  One of the most common ways is for people to run a help wanted ad either online or in a local publication to try and find a  great caregiver.  We wanted to offer some tips on how to write those ads in order to improve your expectations going forward.

Hiring a Nanny – After you have found a great nanny that you think would fit your situation perfectly, then it’s time to hire that nanny.  Whether this is your first time or you are an old pro, it’s always good to go through the steps of a proper hiring process.

Paying a Nanny – One very critical point about hiring or becoming a nanny relates to properly paying a nanny.  This section covers why nannies are W2 employees and how to properly pay them as well as handle nanny tax issues that new families/employers just might not be thinking about.

Life with a Nanny – There are so many misconceptions about what it is like to have a nanny working for you that we felt it was deserving of a complete section on our site.  We want families and nannies alike to walk away with a better set of expectations through reading this straight from the hands of a professional nanny.

Nanny Legal Advice – If you are a nanny or considering becoming a nanny it’s really important for you to know what is legally expected of you.  You may actually need to help your employer understand what they can or cannot do as well.  These are the 10 legal facts that you definitely need to know.

Family Legal Advice – If there is one thing we could stress more than anything it would be for parents to make sure they understand what their legal responsibilities are once they decide to employ a nanny.  It’s complicated enough that most families should consider legal advice.

FAQ from Nannies – Nannies often have questions especially when it comes to accepting their first position as a full-time nanny.  Their questions at that stage are pretty easy to answer, but we thought it still made since to collect them in one place.

FAQ from Families – We get contacted by families every day that are just not sure how to go about the business of finding or managing a nanny relationship.  We collected 10 of the most common questions and answered them right here to make it easier for you.

We hope that our guide has been helpful to you and that you find exactly what you are looking for either in hiring a nanny or becoming one. It’s an incredibly important role in our society and in the development of our next generation.


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