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Tips for Nannies Setting Up Online Nanny Site Profiles

The Internet has made advertising your nanny services easier than ever before. Virtually anyone can create a profile that depicts them as a trusted, experienced nanny. For nannies, this is a good thing. Nannies can accurately market themselves to the masses in any geographical location that they wish. For parents, it can be a mixed bag. More profiles means more applicants and more time and energy spent deciphering between viable and nonviable candidates. Nannies can ensure parents view them as viable candidates by creating a solid nanny profile.

Why You Want to Be a Nanny

Being a nanny requires more than a love of children. While having a genuine and absolute love for children, those who succeed in the work as a nanny do so because of a love for the job. Working as a nanny allows you to invest your time and energy making a real difference in the life of a child. Nannies are able to provide a personalized and customized high level of childcare. Nannies must also be able to work closely with parents and be able to work independently without supervision. To help you evaluate your motive for working as nanny, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why have you chosen to work as a nanny, rather than a daycare worker?
  • What interests you about working in a private home environment?
  • What skills and abilities will you be able to use as a nanny that you may not be able to use in another childcare environment?
  • How does working with children make you feel?

As you create your nanny profile, consider the reasons you wish to work as a nanny. Include these reasons in your online profile.

Highlight Your Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Many individuals may want to work as a nanny, but not everyone has what it takes to be a successful in-home childcare specialist. Successful nannies have a clear understanding of child development, several years of childcare experience and have at minimum, a high school diploma. Many nannies also have educational experience in early childhood development and specialized nanny training. Nannies must be good communicators and able to effectively community with both the children and the parents. They must be organized, patient, honest, dependable and trustworthy. Because of the nature of the work, nannies must be in good health and physically able to keep up with the active lifestyle of children. Nannies should also have CPR and first aid certification. Nannies who plan to work with families who have a pool or spend time near the water should also have lifeguard training.

As you create your nanny profile, be sure to include a list of the qualifications, skills and both educational and work experience that you have.  A bulleted list can help parents to easily focus on your strengths.

What Sets You Apart

As parents conduct their nanny search, they will come across many nanny profiles. What sets you apart from the others? Consider any special skills or areas of care that you may specialize in. If you have extensive experience caring for a child with allergies, be sure to include that in your online profile. If you are an accomplished pianist, be sure to include that too. Consider the skills or specialties that make you stand out from others competing for the same nanny job and be sure to showcase them.

What You Are Seeking

Because of the vast ability to market yourself to the masses through online nanny recruiting sites, you may have the advantage of being a little pickier when it comes to selecting the family with whom you choose to work.

In your nanny profile, be sure to include:

  • Your ideal family situation (a professional couple, a stay at home mom)
  • Your ideal work environment (in a major metropolitan city, in a quiet suburb, live-in or live-out)
  • The number and ages of children you are comfortable caring for
  • The hours your prefer to work
  • Any limitations (unable to work in homes with pets)
  • Your salary and benefits requirements

Clearly articulating your ideal family and job will help to attract those parents who are viable employers.

Always Be Honest About the Duties and Responsibilities You Are Willing To Take On

Nannies are typically responsible for all childcare tasks relating to the children in their care. In addition to meeting the children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs, nannies share the responsibility for the children’s safety, health and development. Nannies are also typically responsible for all childcare related tasks, including meal planning and preparation, the children’s laundry and maintaining the children’s bedrooms and play areas.

When it comes to the duties and responsibilities you are willing to take on, being upfront and honest will prevent miscommunications and help to clarify expectations.  While “light housekeeping” to you may mean putting the things you and the children use away, to potential employers it may  mean vacuuming the play area rugs and disinfecting the children’s toys on a weekly basis. In your nanny profile, list the specific duties and responsibilities you are comfortable performing and how often. 

Your Profile Photo

Including a photo in your nanny profile can add credibility to your listing. If you are going to include a photo, be sure to select one that represents you in a good light to potential employers. You may wish to consider having a friend or photographer specifically take a photo for the purpose of including in your online nanny profile. A professional quality image of you interacting with a child (with the parents’ permission if the child is not yours) or a nice headshot with a warm smile will convey to potential employers that you are genuine. Avoid blurry photos and photos of you with groups of other people as you want the image to focus on you as a loving and nurturing individual. Be sure you are dressed as if you were on nanny duty in any photos you include in your profile.


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