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Advertising for a Nanny

You have decided on nanny care, have a solid understanding of the skill set and traits that your ideal nanny will possess and can clearly articulate the duties and responsibilities you expect of your nanny. You are now ready to begin advertising your nanny position.

Whether you use an Internet recruiting site or a traditional brick and mortar placement agency, having a written job description can help you, or anyone you are working with, ensure that nanny applicants are viable candidates that meet your basic hiring criteria.

Attracting the Right Nanny Candidates

A good nanny and family match requires mutual attraction. For your ideal nanny candidate to want to work for you, she must be attracted to your job offering. If you are offering a position to care for an active, bilingual three year old who loves the outdoors, for example, you’ll attract bilingual nannies who enjoy spending time outside.  As a potential employer, it’s your job to sell your position and let potential candidates know why they would want to work for you.  You can accomplish this with a written job description.

Writing Your Nanny Job Description

A written job description serves as a factual overview of the nanny position you are offering. A nanny job description should include:

The work environment

A summary of the who, what, when, where and why of your position.

Professional, Boston based couple seeking experienced nanny to provide full-time care for an active and adventurous toddler starting June 1.

Your parenting philosophy

An overview of your parenting style.

Our family follows a consistent routine and embraces the attachment style of parenting and utilizes redirection as tool for discipline.

Your statement of family values

The ideals, morals and values your ideal caregiver will agree to reinforce.

Our family regularly attends church and our ideal candidate will reinforce a faith based lifestyle and accompany our child to a weekly play group held in our church.

A summary of your ideal nanny candidate

Includes the top priorities on your nanny wish list.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of nanny experience, a background in early childhood education, enjoy long, daily works, preparing nutritious meals, creating a weekly schedule and transporting our child on age-appropriate outings. The ideal candidate will possess a current passport, be available for international travel and must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The nanny’s role

Summarize the role you see your nanny playing in your family.

Our nanny will be a trusted companion to our child, serving as a team player in childrearing.

Duties and responsibilities

Include specific list of the duties and responsibilities that you expect your nanny to perform.

The nanny will be responsible for maintaining the children’s play areas, doing the children’s laundry, preparing the children’s meals, keeping a daily journal, transporting our child to age-appropriate activities and appointments, engaging our child is stimulating activities and letting the family dog in and out as needed.

The work schedule

The days and hours your nanny needs to be available.

The nanny’s workweek will be Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm with occasional overtime. Travel with the family is required.

The salary and benefits package

An overview of your salary package.

The salary package includes $17 gross per hour, contribution towards health insurance and paid vacation.

How to apply

Include the next steps interested candidates should take.

Qualified applications should respond to this listing with a cover letter, photo and resume.

Whether you are advertising the position yourself or are utilizing the services of a nanny placement agency, drafting a written job description helps narrow your search field and attract viable candidates for your consideration.

Including a Photo

Choosing to include a photo with your job advertisement is a personal decision.  A photo can help add a personal touch and bring a sense of credibility to the position that you are offering. Factors that may influence your decision may include the level of privacy or anonymity that you desire and how you feel about your children’s photos made available to those you do not know.  If you do opt to include a photo, be sure the background doesn’t disclose your address and choose an image that captures a true reflection of your family.

About Salaries and Benefits

Nanny salary and benefits vary widely based on geographical location, job duties and responsibilities, a nanny’s level of experience, educational background and other factors, including advanced degrees or special training.

Each year, the International Nanny Association (, conducts a nanny salary and benefits survey. In 2012, the national average salary for nannies was approximately $700 gross per week. Typical nanny benefits include two weeks paid vacation each year, 8 to 10 paid holidays off each year, health insurance benefits (complete or partial payment of premium) and use of an employer’s vehicle during working hours. Some nannies also receive contributions to retirement plans, reimbursement towards professional development and other fridge benefits.


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