Nanny and Tutor: What salary is appropriate?

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Q: I’ve been a nanny for a 5 year old girl for around 9 months now. I work part-time, 4-5 days a week, consistent schedule. I received a raise within my first week due to the mother informing me that she’s never had a nanny be so involved with activities and interaction with her child. She recently has mentioned that she’s not happy with her daughter’s school because she hasn’t learned anything in regards to basic subjects (english, math, etc). She asked if I could help her with advancing these skills (or actually helping her form them, she doesn’t know even the basics, so I’d have to start from scratch). I’ve tutored for several years. I’ve already worked with her daughter some and her mother has mentioned how appreciative she was. I’ve also devoted spare time to creating lesson plans to use. My question is how much extra should I ask in pay for tutoring and should I offer to wait a week or so until her mother notices a difference.

I get paid $12/hr for 3 hours per day. I’m also 28 years old with a B.A. in English Lit.

A: Dear Nanny,

I would suggest that you research the pay scale for tutors in your area. You have the educational background and experience of a tutor and could and maybe should be offering those services at the appropriate hourly rate..

The time that you are taking to research teaching methods and lesson plans is of value to the parent and the child. Since you have not been hired as a tutor it is probably too late to ask for three plus hours at that rate.

I think it is time to discuss the situation with the parent by explaining your planned program, the time you are spending researching, the challenges that the child presents, and your expected results

Be prepared to tell the parent what a tutor would earn on an hourly rate and then modify that amount according to actual “teaching time” and to the time that you are offering nanny care only. I think if you raise your hourly rate, the parent may object but if you suggest that the parent pay you a weekly “bonus” for the time you are working at home and the time you are working with the child it may seem more reasonable to the parent.

If I were to choose an amount I would probably say an additional $50 to $75 per week for however long the child will need the additional help.

Best wishes,

Pat Cascio
Morningside Nannies

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