7 Ways to Polish Your Nanny Resume

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Whether you are a first-time nanny looking to spice up a resume that may be lacking something or a seasoned pro who needs to do a lot of updating, if you are in the job market, you need to have an outstanding resume. Times are tough and competition is keen, so your resume needs to stand out in the crowd. What we have here are some tips and advice that can help you build a more impressive resume, one that could land you that elusive job interview.

For a prospective nanny, a simple online resume may not be enough. You will need to have ready access to all manner of certifications, many of which will only be accepted in hard-copy. These materials should be protected from hazards such as fires and floods, since replacement can be an added nightmare in the event of a disaster.

If you feel a need to buff up your resume, make use of these seven tips.

  1. Reassess – Refresh yourself with a review of your resume, and you will help yourself revisit why you got into the nanny profession in the first place. This will help counter any complacency that can build up over time. Also, if you are asked about your resume during an interview, you will have the answers fresh in your mind.
  2. Slash the trash – Don’t be redundant. If you have current certifications in your package, remove out-of-date material. Prospective employers want you to display a sense of organization, so limit yourself to pertinent information.
  3. Point out Pluses – If you have won any awards or received commendations, especially during any recent employment, it is apropos to include that in your made-over resume package.
  4. Hire a Professional  –  There are plenty of professional resume writing services available. Often times, these professionals have experience in the human relations field and know exactly how to layout a resume in a way that will capture the attention of potential employers.
  5. Photo – If photographs are part of the resume package, make sure they are current and professional. Don’t use the pictures from your night out with the Chippendale dancers, and don’t overdo the make-up. Most parents prefer the wholesome look for someone they are hiring to care for their offspring.
  6. Letters of Recommendation –  Ask for letters of recommendation from your past employers to include with your resume. These personal testimonials carry a lot of weight with new employers.
  7. More Eyes – Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to help improve a resume. Have a friend or colleague read through your packet to see how it might appear to a prospective employer. Often, we write things in a manner that is clear to ourselves, but doesn’t get the message through to the potential interviewer.

Remember, don’t have a stagnant or dull resume. That package is often the first impression somebody receives if they are thinking about hiring you. They may see dozens of resumes; make sure yours is the best it can be.

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