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Hello there,

I just saw your profile on nannyclassifieds.I’m interested in you.I am a PAID MEMBER on the site so thats how I got your email.I am a SINGLE Father(Widower)presently in the United Kingdom and moving to California{USA} in a few days with my kid for a Better Job Offer as an IT Expert Permanently.I will be very busy because it is a new job offer and will be needing your assistance when I start the job in the USA.I got a 4year old kid who i will want you to help me look after due to my work schedule.
I will like to know how much it will cost me for you to take care of her for about 2weeks before i finally settle down and if i notice good result,i will want her to always be with you until i find a good woman to settle down with but will always be coming to see her.
Looking to read from you.
Best Regards.

Thomas Crown

Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 12:49:21 -0400

Subject: Re: FW: nanny job
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Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 21:20:00 -0700
Subject: Re: nanny job

Gee Thanks for caring to get back.Its appreciated greatly.

I must let you know that Our Company got branches in several states and I have was given the freedom to choose a branch to arrive in any state.I want to be within the state where my Child is so I could always check up on her weekly at your place.This means I am trusting you to do a Child Care for her right at your place.Will this be a problem ?

You dont need to have a car.

I will get back to you with the date of arrival at your place,but I feel the very first thing is proving to you that all this is real and will work.I will make half payment to you before you start and half after the first 2weeks with my child at your place..How would you like to get this first half??How does that sounds?

You must have gotten half payment in hand before our arrival at your location so you know this is NOT a joke.You will watch her for 12hrs daily,Mon-Fri then I pick her on Saturday Morning at your place.I dont know how this is but I will pay you approximately $18 per hour…Is that okay by you??

She is gentle,hardly fall sick,she likes sports,loves to watch cartoons,likes going to the beach,she likes to watch TV mostly and can eat by herself,I’m sure you wont have problems with her.

Kindly answer all my questions accordingly as I am to forward this email to my new company as proof that I am paying for a hand in child care.So they can include that in my traveling expenses which is to be paid to me.

Looking to read from you.

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