Summer Nanny Search: 5 Tips for Finding the Right Nanny for the Job

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Tis’ the season of the summer nanny search. Parents are beginning to panic about child care arrangements when school lets out and the office doesn’t. It is not too early to start your summer nanny quest? Here are a few tips on getting your child care in line for the summer time.

1. Be very clear about the hours you will need coverage. It is better to get home 15 minutes earlier than you planed than perpetually be 15 minutes later than you agreed on with your summer nanny.

2. Make a list of your requirements. Will you need your nanny to drive? Will you need her to be able to swim? Is a non-smoker imperative?

3. Research an appropriate salary. Offering a too low hourly rate will definitely diminish the number of calls you receive. Many young teachers take on summer nanny positions. You could attract a very qualified candidate who will bring more to the table than “watching” your children, if you are able to offer a competitive salary. Look at other families ads for nannies in your area to gauge the going rate.

4. Post your ad in many places. We partner with which is an excellent and affordable resource for care providers in your area. Also, place an ad in your local community newspaper. Print flyers. You may even want to contact your child’s school and ask if they have a way to advertise your job opportunity.

5. Interview references and conduct a background check. I don’t care how wonderful your nanny seems. She could be Julie Andrews, Doris Day and Mother Teresa all wrapped up in one. Run a professional background check on your care provider including a Driver’s license check if she or he will be driving with your children in the car.

Remember, your summer nanny may be temporary but she will still be in charge of your child’s care for long hours and many weeks. Be particular about the care you choose. Then relax, and enjoy your summer.

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