10 Ice Breaking Nanny Interview Questions

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You know you are going to ask some hard hitting, serious questions during this interview, so you want to start with some easy “getting to know you” questions to break the ice. Setting a comfortable tone to begin with will put the candidates at ease, and hopefully, make the interview less threatening and more open both in what is said and in body language. Some ice breaking questions to get your started are listed below.

  1. Did you have any trouble finding our home? – This question let’s your candidate know that you care about whether or not your directions were sufficient. The answer also lets you know how good they are about following driving directions (provided you gave them good directions to begin with!)
  2. Would you like some….? – Offering the candidates’ tea, coffee, water or whatever is a nice way to put them at ease and give them something to drink should their mouth become dry during the interview.
  3. Tell us about yourself. – It’s pretty well established that many people like talking about themselves and your candidates are no exception. Listening to what the candidate says and how it’s said can be a window into what this person is really like. Are they stiff? Are they animated? Do they smile a lot? Are they comfortable sharing with you? Listen with your ears and eyes to what’s being said and possibly to what’s not being said.
  4. What’s the best time you’ve ever had with kids? – This question will give you a little insight as to what kinds of things the applicant enjoys doing with children.
  5. Do you have any hobbies? – People who have hobbies love talking about them. They love sharing their experiences and their expertise. Your future nanny’s special interests very well may become hobbies for your children. Creative activities help round out a person.
  6. What foods do you enjoy? – Your candidates’ culinary tastes can reveal something about them. Do they like junk food? Are they vegan? Do they enjoy ethnic foods? This will give you a chance to find out what types of foods your kids may be exposed to when you are not around. It also clues you in as to what special adjustments you may have to make to accommodate the nanny’s tastes.
  7. What types of music do you enjoy? – The musical tastes of the candidates will enlighten you as to what your children may be listening to in your absence.
  8. Describe the perfect childhood. – This gives the candidate an opportunity to relay to you their idea of how kids should be raised in an ideal world. Of course it is just an imaginary situation, but it can reveal a lot about the person’s values and aspirations for children.
  9. What’s your favorite story about one of your former charges? – For the most part nannies love the kids they care for and thoroughly enjoy sharing stories about them. This question affords you an opportunity to glimpse into the candidates’ relationship with kids.
  10. Who is your inspiration? – This questions should produce a light in the candidate’s eyes. It will also give you an idea of what the person’s aspirations are. Since this applicant will be someone your kids are going to look up to as a role model, it is only fitting that you know who they see as their role model.

Ice breaker questions can be about more than the weather. They don’t have to be probing or invasive; they can be fun and informative. As you put your applicants at ease, they will open up more to you and you will learn more about them. Then when you ask the tough questions the answers may flow a little easier.

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