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Nanny Scam Reported: Craigslist Ad. Charles Atkins

Posted on by Deborah

Good Morning,

Thanks so much for your interest in our nanny advert placed on Craigslist. My Name is Charles Atkins, my wife’s name is Penny with our first child Paul of 3 years old. My wife is 5month’s pregnant and we are in the process of re-locating from London, UK to your city and will as well appreciate if you can recommend a good doctor for her when we arrive. I will be working on a contract basis with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in your area, doing private research work and am in need of someone who can help my wife with some of the house hold chores running some errands when necessary and babysitting my son Paul taking care of him as yours around these hours of 2pm – 6pm from Mondays thru Fridays. You would only be needed for few hours per week at your convenience and will like you to get back to me with your available hours.

Paul is a talented son and very bright. He is fun loving, kind and lovely. I will be needing your service till the end of the year but am offering $400.00 per week as compensation for a trustworthy and honest candidate. I have a Personal Assistant who is helping me with the re-location process.

It’s okay if you prefer to be a live-in or live-out nanny as i can drop him at your home everyday and will greatly appreciate if you will be delighted to accept this offer as we would be arriving on 10th of October.

If you accept this position, I will instruct my finance manager to forward to you a check for your first week upfront payment by express mail so that i can be rest assured of your availability for the job and wouldn’t need to search for a nanny anymore. I will as well run a background check on you because it’s not easy to leave a child with someone just like that and i hope you understand my concerns.

If this employment opportunity is acceptable to you, kindly get back to me asap with the information below required for confirmation and further proceedings to take place:

Full name:
Contact Address: (No P.O. Box)
Apt #:
Zip Code:
Home & Cell numbers:

Our expected arrival date is 10th of Oct. but you will be paid beginning immediately, as i will have several small assignments for you to complete prior to our arrival, such as checking our new apartment for necessary supplies, purchasing what may be needed before our arrival, etc. All we ask from you is honesty and sincerity. And am sure you will enjoy the time you will spend with my son.

Please do get in touch on time so that we can start making arrangements with our travel agency while i await your swift response regards this employment offer and the requested details.

Have a pleasant week.



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Nanny pay for missed work days

Posted on by Deborah

Q: How much should I ask for inclement weather pay? It wasn’t discussed during the interview but I need to pay my bills! I missed 4 days last week due to a hurricane. What’s the best way to ensure fairness to both of the parents and the nanny?

A: It is important to have a contract or employment agreement before starting a job. If the employer was unable to get to work because in weather conditions but is paid for their time then you should be paid for your time.

It is difficult to anticipate every possible scenario, but it is a good idea to discuss how these situations will be handled before hand. Since you are now bridging this after the fact, the best you can do is ask your employer if you will be paid for the time that you were unable to get to work.

Pat Cascio
Nanny/Employer Expert

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Nanny and Tutor: What salary is appropriate?

Posted on by Deborah

Q: I’ve been a nanny for a 5 year old girl for around 9 months now. I work part-time, 4-5 days a week, consistent schedule. I received a raise within my first week due to the mother informing me that she’s never had a nanny be so involved with activities and interaction with her child. She recently has mentioned that she’s not happy with her daughter’s school because she hasn’t learned anything in regards to basic subjects (english, math, etc). She asked if I could help her with advancing these skills (or actually helping her form them, she doesn’t know even the basics, so I’d have to start from scratch). I’ve tutored for several years. I’ve already worked with her daughter some and her mother has mentioned how appreciative she was. I’ve also devoted spare time to creating lesson plans to use. My question is how much extra should I ask in pay for tutoring and should I offer to wait a week or so until her mother notices a difference.

I get paid $12/hr for 3 hours per day. I’m also 28 years old with a B.A. in English Lit.

A: Dear Nanny,

I would suggest that you research the pay scale for tutors in your area. You have the educational background and experience of a tutor and could and maybe should be offering those services at the appropriate hourly rate..

The time that you are taking to research teaching methods and lesson plans is of value to the parent and the child. Since you have not been hired as a tutor it is probably too late to ask for three plus hours at that rate.

I think it is time to discuss the situation with the parent by explaining your planned program, the time you are spending researching, the challenges that the child presents, and your expected results

Be prepared to tell the parent what a tutor would earn on an hourly rate and then modify that amount according to actual “teaching time” and to the time that you are offering nanny care only. I think if you raise your hourly rate, the parent may object but if you suggest that the parent pay you a weekly “bonus” for the time you are working at home and the time you are working with the child it may seem more reasonable to the parent.

If I were to choose an amount I would probably say an additional $50 to $75 per week for however long the child will need the additional help.

Best wishes,

Pat Cascio
Morningside Nannies

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Latest Scam Alert: 4.20.2010

Posted on by Deborah

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: jack bailey
Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 8:12 PM
Subject: Re: Babysitter/Nanny position

My name is Jack Bailey,a single father. I live in spain but i am relocating to the states due to my transfer to USA. I am looking for a nanny/babysitter with extremely good conduct, honesty, caring, well mannered, considerably accommodating and hygienic who can assist me to watch my daughter while i am at work.. I want you to get back to me with your free time schedule and also your service charges fee.I will be moving by 6th of may and i will set up an interview with you and my daughter between 7th and 8th of may before you resume fully on the 10th may. I have to make sure everything is well organized and arrange before leaving. janet is 2 years old,she likes to play around with kids and like to be pampered with toys. My daughter is healthy,i just need someone to take care for her when am at work.I believe me and my daughter will be happy to meet you, mostly, I would appreciate we relate in total trust, honesty and God fearing.I would like you to get back to me with your total charges for a month during your available periods because my company will make an upfront payment for my first 2 weeks in the states.I urge you to get back to me with the total charges for the first 2 weeks and your fullnames,mailing address and your contact phone number.

Thanks as i await your sincere reply.
With regards

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Summer Nanny Search: 5 Tips for Finding the Right Nanny for the Job

Posted on by Deborah

Tis’ the season of the summer nanny search. Parents are beginning to panic about child care arrangements when school lets out and the office doesn’t. It is not too early to start your summer nanny quest? Here are a few tips on getting your child care in line for the summer time.

1. Be very clear about the hours you will need coverage. It is better to get home 15 minutes earlier than you planed than perpetually be 15 minutes later than you agreed on with your summer nanny.

2. Make a list of your requirements. Will you need your nanny to drive? Will you need her to be able to swim? Is a non-smoker imperative?

3. Research an appropriate salary. Offering a too low hourly rate will definitely diminish the number of calls you receive. Many young teachers take on summer nanny positions. You could attract a very qualified candidate who will bring more to the table than “watching” your children, if you are able to offer a competitive salary. Look at other families ads for nannies in your area to gauge the going rate.

4. Post your ad in many places. We partner with Care.com which is an excellent and affordable resource for care providers in your area. Also, place an ad in your local community newspaper. Print flyers. You may even want to contact your child’s school and ask if they have a way to advertise your job opportunity.

5. Interview references and conduct a background check. I don’t care how wonderful your nanny seems. She could be Julie Andrews, Doris Day and Mother Teresa all wrapped up in one. Run a professional background check on your care provider including a Driver’s license check if she or he will be driving with your children in the car.

Remember, your summer nanny may be temporary but she will still be in charge of your child’s care for long hours and many weeks. Be particular about the care you choose. Then relax, and enjoy your summer.

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NYC Nanny School Opens Doors: Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center

Posted on by Deborah

Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center is the first of its kind Professional Nanny Training School in New York. This is an opportunity for both experienced Nannies and newcomers to the profession to be professionally trained. The curriculum is held in our Mid-town Manhattan Learning Center with classes 9am-5pm. This is the only Nanny School licensed and certified by the New York State Department of Education.

The website of the school is www.absolutebestcarenannylearningcenter.com

The program consists of a 50-hr curriculum that is conducted in 7 straight business days. The first class is October 26th to November 3. Graduates receive their Nanny Certification plus CPR, First Aid and are trained on Nanny Management with the Starkey Nanny Management System. Starkey’s system is used by caregivers who been placed in some of the most prestigious homes throughout the world. Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center’s curriculum combines Childcare and Childhood Development with Starkey’s Nanny Management System so that Nannies can deliver the “exact” service based on their family’s agenda.

Tuition is starting for a limited time at $1995 which includes school fees, books and all materials. (travel and accommodations are separate) The classes are 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday) and then the following Monday and Tuesday of the next week. After October 26, the next date is December 7-15.

Absolute Best Care Nanny Placement Agency, www.absolutebestcare.com is a full service Nanny Placement Agency that can help graduates with career counseling, interview preparation and job assistance. For information on enrolling in the Absolute Best Care Nanny Learning Center and to become a Professional Nanny; visit us at www.absolutebestcarenannylearningcenter.com or call to speak to an Enrollment Representative at 212-481-5705. Classes are starting soon and there is limited seating.

Absolute Best Care Nanny Placement Agency is also Franchising throughout the United States. Our Nanny Training School is a perfect compliment to our Nanny Franchise System as Franchisees can now have the opportunity to place fully screened caregivers who can now be trained. Prime and multiple territories are now available. Owning an Absolute Best Care Nanny Agency can be both a rewarding and lucrative opportunity for both women and men. We offer low start up costs and franchisees enjoy high profit margins and predictable monthly expenses in one of the most needed businesses in America; placing Nannies. For more information on owning an Absolute Best Care Nanny Agency franchise in your area, visit our website www.absolutebestcarefranchising.com. Complete the on-line information form and a Franchise representative will contact you.

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Craigslist Nanny Scam reported: Raymond Davis mr.missme03@yahoo.com

Posted on by Deborah

From: Raymond Davis mr .missme03@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Nanny Position

Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 5:17 AM

Thanks for the email, We are so happy that our search for a perfect Nanny for our daughter is Over.
We’ll be paying you $600 per week or $2,400 monthly depends on your choice. But In other for us to secure you for this Job We’ll be sending you upfront payment of $600 Just for us to secure you till we get back from the trip because we don’t want to get back to states and still searching for a nanny for Kathy. Sending you upfront payment of $600 will give us full assurance that you won’t disappoint us. The payment We’ll be sending you is just for us to have you booked down. so please,kindly get back to me with the following details:

Full Name On Check:
Residential address in full:
Phone number: (cell and home)

If you still have interest in this Job Opportunity Get back to me with the above Info ASAP so we can delete our ads on Craigslist and we can know that our searching for a perfect nanny for our only daughter is Over!!!

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New Scam alert: Jeffrey Cavins jeffbanks_2nv@yahoo.com

Posted on by Deborah

This person was reported to us today. We have located their account and suspended it. If you are contacted by this individual, do not reply.

We need you for our kids..(NANNYCLASSIFIEDS AD)
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 11:25 AM
This sender is DomainKeys verified
“Jasin Jeffrey”
Add sender to Contacts
scorpias29@hotmail.com, kyliecoulson@yahoo.com, jbtylerct@yahoo.com
Hello Madam,

My name is Jeffrey Cavins. Am a military personnel with the U.S army and presently in Iraq for peace keeping and also running my own company as the director of the Repair and maintainance Engineering company in city of Berne ,Switzerland.I am a father of two kids with no mother. I saw your ad Seeking for a job but base on experiences and records you had so far,i am willing to give a good caregiver job for infants i may say and am very interested in leaving my kids in your care .I had someone in care of them the last time i went home after my mom died but she moved to Canada to take care of her father. Am urgently in need for a caregiver from 20th of April 2009 .

The kids are very fun loving and very interesting to be with, i would also like for you to very caring and loving with them as you both will enjoy each other. Kindly reply me via my private email below if you are sure to care for them and let me know how much it would cost me.God bless and have a nice day. Thanks and god bless!


I look forward to hear from you soonest,
Thank You,
Jeffrey Cavins.

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Lobbying Effort to Increase the Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

Posted on by Deborah

The International Nanny Association is continuing its lobbying campaign to increase the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

Now that the election is over and Congress is looking for ways to stimulate the economy and assist working people, INA encourages you to contact your member of Congress, two Senators and President Obama to urge them to increase the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. This credit has remained at the same low level for seven years, and doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of childcare.

Please write to your members of Congress, Senators and President Obama. You can visit
THIS LINK for a sample letter that can be used as a guide when writing to your legislators.

If you have questions about INA’s effort, please contact INA Governmental Affairs
Chairperson Bob King, Esq. of Legally Nanny by phone at 714-336-8864 or by email
at info@legallynanny.com.

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Nanny Island, a social network just for Nannies

Posted on by Deborah

Need a place to ask questions about anything Nanny related; salaries, toilet training, relocating, you name it? Join the almost 600 professional nannies who have discovered NannyIsland.com. Nanny Island is a social network strictly for “nannies only.” (Think Facebook or Myspace just for nannies.) And, there is more than just business going on on the Island. Join any number of fun and supportive groups like the “Fit and Healthy Club” or the “Nannies who knit” group. Hop on over now and sign up. It’s free

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